Shane Dennie Fitness works with adults, athletes and youth who are looking to get fit, build strength, and optimize overall body functionality. Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone, build core strength, or improve your speed + agility for your specific sport, SD FITNESS has a plan and program for you! We are different from other personal trainers and gym programs as we focus on body resistance training, harnessing gravity to deliver a high-impact, interval-based workout. We tailor the exercises and modify them to suit your fitness level and abilities. Our workouts focus on agility, coordination, core strength, upper + lower strength, cardio, balance, power, and multi-directional dynamic movements.

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Shane Dennie believes in improving your quality of life through fitness, wellness and clean eating. He is passionate about helping you work outside of your comfort zone to achieve results! You will be INSPIRED. You will be EMPOWERED. You will TRANSFORM.
Shane began his fitness career as a professional basketball player. His dedication and commitment to his clients’ goals stem from his own experiences with injuries as an athlete. Faced with the setbacks of an ACL injury and knee surgeries in his collegiate and professional career, Shane dug deep and found resilience to come back strong; he devoted hours every day to his rehab and strength training. It was this experience that shaped his philosophy that everyone can help to prevent injury and increase their quality of life with a consistent active lifestyle and effective fitness program.
Today Shane is doing what he loves: empowering people to feel happier, stronger, and be their most optimal selves. His workouts are based on body resistance training and focus on agility, coordination, core-strength, upper + lower strength, cardio, balance, power, and multi-directional dynamic movements. Shane’s clients love his dynamic energy, engaging workouts, and the high expectations he has for work ethic. It is this formula that delivers his clients results!


A lot of people see our fitness posts on social media and notice we like to involve our daughters in our workouts and in the kitchen!  We try to show our kids what a healthy, fit lifestyle looks like through eating clean, fresh foods and by staying active.  We are just like every family, wanting the best for our kids, and we love to share tips and ideas of how to make a healthy lifestyle fun for the whole family.  It isn’t perfect and it isn’t always easy, but we focus on the process and journey!  Join our SD Fitness community to learn how to fit wellness and movement into your lifestyle!

-Shane, Jodi, Mila and Summer Dennie